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Pixologic Write Brothers Systat
Corel Extensis Absolute
Adobe DAZ Filemaker
Inspiration Microsoft Clarivate Analytics
Software listed in this sections are specifically student or teacher edition, you can find more discount software brands under Academic section that meet the student or teacher eligibility to purchase.
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ZBrush 2021 License  -Academic -ESD -Win/Mac ZBrush 2021 License -Academic -ESD -Win/Mac
Retail Price $895.00
Our Price $495.00
ZBrush Core  -Academic -ESD -Win/Mac ZBrush Core 2021 -Academic -ESD -Win/Mac
Retail Price $179.95
Our Price $175.95
Write Brothers Dramatica Pro 4.1 -Academic -ESD Write Brothers Dramatica Pro 4.1 -Academic -ESD
Retail Price $119.95
Our Price $67.95
SYSTAT 13.2 w/EXACT Test -Academic -ESD -Win SYSTAT 13.2 w/EXACT Test -Academic -ESD -Win
Retail Price $2,239.00
Our Price $1,539.00
SigmaStat Version 4.0 -Academic -ESD -Win SigmaStat Version 4.0 -Academic -ESD -Win
Retail Price $499.00
Our Price $299.00
Sale Price $289.00