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Presenter Video Expr - Adobe VIP/CLP Program - Volume/Site License

Presenter Video Expr - Adobe VIP/CLP Program - Vol

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Adobe Presenter Video Express lets you combine application or desktop capture and webcam video. Using this tool, marketing, eLearning, and training professionals or even hobbyists and amateur video producers can quickly produce video tutorials or other video content. The tool also provides effective video edit options such as layouts, background changes, pan and zoom, and trim options. The output is an MP4 file that you can publish to YouTube or Vimeo. You can also publish a zip file to any SCORM-compliant LMS or Adobe's own Captivate Prime LMS. Adobe Presenter Video Express videos capture the following: Presentation Actions performed on your monitor screen. Presenter The web cam capture of the narrator who demonstrates or presents a project or application. The audio narration too is captured.

Available to purchased under the CLP or VIP programs:


The Adobe's Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) is a two-year program membership with Adobe. A CLP member places an initial order with their Re-seller for Adobe perpetual software licenses. The point of the initial order sets the Discount Level for that order and for additional orders. Program member can improve their Discount Level by accumulating points through the purchase of additional licenses during the term membership.
CLP program features for Education organizations:
Member Type: As defined in the CLP membership Agreement terms & conditions.
Basis of CLP: Total Point value for initial order determines Discount Level
Discount Levels: Cumulative volume licensing discounts with three Point Levels:
1= 5,000-49,000
2= 50,0000 - 99,999
3= 100,000+
Membership Term: Two (2) years, between Program Member and Adobe
Minimum reorder: No minimum after membership. Level 1 starts at 5,000
License Option: Standard CLP Pertetual Licensing. Deploy and manage through Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS)

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program with simple and secure management capabilities, flexible terms that give educational institutions lots of choices, and discount levels that increase as you make additional purchases.
VIP Features:
Enrollment: Contact your Account Manager (either an Adobe representative or an Adobe Authorized Education Reseller), receive an invitation to VIP from reseller, accept the terms and conditions and then place your first order.
VIP terms and conditions: A Value Incentive Plan agreement begins the day the Member accepts the VIP terms and conditions through the email invitation from Member’s Account Manager and does not expire. Once the terms and conditions have been accepted, your institution is assigned a VIP Number and is given administrative access to the license management tool (Admin Console).
VIP Number: A VIP Number is a unique identifying number that designates your institution as a member of the VIP program.
Membership Terms: Pay up front for 1 year or up to 4 years
Type of License: Creative Cloud Named-user licenses; device licenses; K–12 site licenses. Deploy and manage through Adobe’s Licensing Website (LWS)
  • What's new and changed in the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express
  • Enhanced recording experience
  • Experience the new and enhanced user interface while recording your content using the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express.
  • Download assets on demand
  • In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, in addition to using default branding themes, you can also download themes from Adobe Cloud server.
  • Import SRT files
  • In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, you can import SRT files as Closed Captions for your videos.
  • Manage bookmarks with new panel
  • The 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express provides an easy way to create and manage bookmarks in your video editor, with a click of a button. A thumbnail is created in the panel to indicate the bookmark at a specific timeline.
  • Annotations enhancements
  • In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, you can annotate a video with Arrow shape. Now, you can click the annotations icon at the left pane and choose the shapes from the panel instead of choosing from a dialog.
  • Quiz panel enhancements
  • In the 2017 release of Adobe Presenter Video Express, you can view all the Quiz questions in the left panel, move from one question to other question using arrows and also enable users to move directly to a specific point in the timeline using bookmarks
  • In-product Hints on key features
  • While using Presenter Video express features, you can view dialogs with hints on more information of the feature or how to use a specific feature.