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Mariner is a company that concentrates on designing and publishing products in various genres. They started out developing creative writing products to fill up the gap in the creative writing market, while simultaneously acquiring and republishing existing products.

Mariner has not only dominated the creative writing market, but also the home and office markets. The company has republished various software like the award-winning recipe building software MacGourmet Deluxe, and ReceiptWallet, one of their most popular products, rebranded as Paperless.

Thecompany has also acquired the rights to AdvenioIncís recipe building software and Narrator from Dejal Systems which is now one of the most famous Mac OS X platformís text-to-speech applications. Mariner has also written mobile versions of MacJournal, Mariner Calc and Contour for Appleís App Store and as its commitment to the iOS platform.

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