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reNOVAtor -Box

reNOVAtor -Box

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reNOVAtor allows localization, identification and very precise removal of unwanted audio events without affecting the audio material you want to keep. The removed sound is replaced by a signal re-synthesized from the surrounding material. The reNOVAtor does not make deep gaps in your sound track when eradicating a disturbing sound event. Rather, it acts on an exactly tailored hole in the spectral representation of the processed signal that can be removed and replaced. The interpolation may even be restricted to certain gain ranges within the selected area, which is very useful if only certain components of the signal need to be treated (e.g. one specific harmonic). Functions for automatic detection of clicks and spikes, as well as identification of tones and harmonics are also provided.

Working with the reNOVAtor is easy and intuitive. It loads and analyzes the requested part of audio material you've chosen and displays the result as a 3D spectrogram with time on the horizontal axis, frequency on the vertical axis and amplitude of the spectral components color-coded. The color assignment follows the order of the rainbow: red and yellow for low energy; green and blue for middle energy; and finally purple and white for high energy. After getting some experience, this 3D spectrogram representation allows a good feeling for localization and identification of sudden unwanted acoustical events. The spectral area of interest can be precisely marked with a resizable rectangular window. In addition, the whole PlugIn window is scalable and the spectrogram inside zoomable allowing sound repairing with surgical precision.

reNOVAtor has been continuously supported by more and more DAWs. If your editing system does not include the reNOVAtor communication interface yet, we recommend using it with the provided practical stand-alone editor, AlgoEdit. This easy-to-use and reliable editor allows audio repair and enhancement with the reNOVAtor without the need of an external audio editing system. It also provides a unique, very useful function: it can create the difference between original input and processed output signal, i.e. exactly the part of the signal that has been removed. Taking advantage of this feature, allows you to optimize parameter setup and avoid touching the desired part of the audio material. It is also possible to replace any part of the over-processed audio material by the original signal without the necessity to go through all undo steps.
  • Flawless operation with up to 384 kHz sampling rate, thus perfectly suitable for DSD post-production including cleaning in the ultrasonic range
  • Extraordinary sonic results compared to any other cleaning method, due to selective treatment of spectral representation of the signal and not its waveform
  • Audio fixes that were basically impossible until now
  • Enormous time saving in repairing critical live recordings
  • Easy-to-learn identification and localization of unwanted audio events
  • Efficient removal of unwanted disturbances and their replacement by signals re-synthesized from the surrounding audio material
  • All processing functions in linear-phase domain to prevent unwanted sound coloration
  • No audible changes in desired signal and ambience after removal of typical discrete audio disturbances
  • Different kinds of spectrum re-synthesis
  • Gain selective signal treatment similar to linear-phase equalizing function *
  • Replacement of a spectral region by the another one (copy & paste)
  • New! automatic selection of harmonics belonging to a marked fundamental *
  • New! automatic identification of clicks and spikes *
  • New! automatic identification of tones and harmonics *
  • New! extended resolution for low frequencies
  • Resizable and zoomable spectrogram window for sound repairing with surgical precision
  • Different schemes of spectrum representation including black & white for forensic purposes
  • Immediate playback of any audio part before and after processing
  • Multiple undo functions
  • New! numerous shortcut functions for quicker workflow
  • New! AlgoEdit™, an easy-to-use audio editor included *
  • New! difference function when using AlgoEdit™; your hear what you've removed *
  • New! multichannel capability (Pyramix and ProTools for PC/Mac OSX and only)
  • all internal calculations in double floating-point accuracy (80 bits)
  • * currently only available in the PC version