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ZBrush 2020 Floating License (10+ ) -Requires Floating Licence Setup to be purchased along with this license (One Time) -Academic -ESD -Win/Mac
ZBrush 2020 Floating License (10+ ) -Requires Floa

Retail Price $895.00
Our Price $446.00
(Minimum order):  10

Availability: ESD: Electronic Software Delivery via Email in 1 to 2 Business Days.

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ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Built within an elegant interface, ZBrush offers the worldís most advanced tools for todayís digital artists. With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, ZBrush creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create limited only by your imagination.

Floating License
This option is ideal for organizations that need to be able to run ZBrush at any time from any networked location.This license makes use of a license server, installed on one of your networked computers. The ZBrush client may then be installed on any or all machines connected to the network. When any user launches ZBrush, it checks with the server to see if an activation is available. The server allows a number of concurrent activations equal to the number of seats purchased. If the maximum number of users is currently equal to the number of seats purchased, no additional users may launch ZBrush until someone else closes the application. Floating licenses require 10 seats or more. Additional seats may be added in any quantity and at any time.

Platforms may be mixed, with both PC and Mac clients communicating with the same license server.
  • ZBrush 2020 continues to improve and enhance ZBrush functionality by giving you access to an enriched toolset of new features which will increase your creativity and productivity.


    • XTractor Brushes 67 - Convert detail from your model into a new alpha or texture for reuse elsewhere.
    • HistoryRecall Brush 21 - Project a modelís Undo History to another model regardless of topology differences.
    • Sculpt & Paint in Morph UV 24 - You can now paint and even sculpt directly on a modelís flattened UV shell.
    • Move Infinite Depth 23 - Affect anything that is directly inline with the brush cursor, no matter how far from the camera.
    • Texture Adjust Color 11 - Adjust the colors in a modelís texture on the fly, modifying hue, intensity, contrast, gamma or tint.
    • PolyPaint Adjust Color 16 - Same as above, but for PolyPaint. These features include eight color channels to easily restrict your changes to certain areas.
    • Wall Thickness Analysis 19 - Instantly know what parts of a model are too thin for successful 3D printing, or thicker than necessary.
    • Real-Time Draft Analysis 11 - Easily identify and fix portions of the model that would lock up when used in two part molding or CNC printing.
    • Calculate Surface Area - ZBrush can now provide you with the bounding box size, mesh volume and surface area, check for watertight integrity and help calculate real-world material needs.
    • Cam View 9 - Always know how your model sits relative to XYZ space. Includes one-click buttons for snapping to orthagonal views.
    • Real-Time Silhouette View 23 - Turn on a picture-in-picture window that displays your modelís silhouette in real-time, or see how it ďreadsĒ from a distance.
    • ZeeZoo - Mannequins have gone wild, with a library of animal figures to help you compose scenes of all kinds.
    • Deco Curve Brush - The classic Deco Brush for 2.5D painting is now available as a 3D sculpting brush.
    • Model Paint Fade Opacity - If a modelís PolyPaint or texture is making it hard for you to see the sculpted details you can now partially fade the color or even hide it altogether.
    • No Back & Forth Mode - Zigzagging brush strokes can now build up in one direction, only. This mode also combines with LazyMouse Backtrack for unique effects.
    • New Import/Export Options Window - Easier control when importing or exporting and support for even more formats, all in one place.