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Microsoft Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, License & Assurance, Windows
Microsoft Visual Studio Premium with MSDN at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students and schools!

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FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS ONLY. License ONLY. Installation media is free via download. Minimum order 5, assortable

With Visual Studio Premium 2012, youíll track every task and role in your business and development teams, while turning shared visions into brilliant software.
  • Adopt agile best practices incrementally: Use flexible planning tools such as Capacity Planning, Task Boards, and Backlog Management to adopt agile practices at your own pace. You can also use the same tools to progressively improve your current methodology and accelerate velocity in your organization.
  • Implement a rigorous code review process: Ensure quality with enhanced code review workflows to facilitate the collaboration among developers and provide a rich environment to review code and propose changes.
  • Capture requirements from the business team: Use the storyboard tool to easily capture lightweight requirements from stakeholders. You can foster new ideas, get feedback, and directly integrate with the development process. Plus, you can gain full traceability and visibility into the progress and quality of each requirement by tracking back-work items and test cases to business goals.
  • Integrate the customer view: Continuously loop stakeholders into the development process by capturing comments with the feedback manager tool. You can then seamlessly integrate that feedback into the development process to make sure your team builds what the customer wants.
  • Test continuously to ensure quality from the start: Use Continuous Unit Testing and Test Impact Analysis to discover problems early and often while you focus on writing code. Use any unit test framework through extensible unit testing.
  • Automate the test process: Integrate the test approach with Test Manager, a single tool to manage test requirements. You can automate the testing process, perform Manual and Exploratory testing, and provide all the information that developers need to reproduce and solve errors.
  • Manage test environments more efficiently: Manage test environments with Team Lab Management so testers and developers can spin up new test environments on-demand.
  • Increase efficiency with new collaboration tools: Consolidate all of your team-related tasks into a single, simplified experience using the new Team Explorer, which makes your team collaboration more efficient than ever. Use the data warehousing capabilities of Team Foundation Server to centralize information and improve team collaboration and traceability with a common repository. And the My Work pane lists each developerís pending tasks, displays the status of each task, and provides information on each task in the context of the entire project.
  • Unify the entire development effort: Extend your development process to customers, business analysts, testers, and operations using tools they are familiar with.
  • Sync with traditional project management: Use integration with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Server to sync agile and traditional project plans.

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