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MapleSim 2016 -Student Edition -Box

MapleSim 2016 -Student Edition -Box

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MapleSim offers a modern approach to physical modeling that lets you build and explore realistic designs in a fraction of the time.  This product includes a copy of Maple 2016, which is required to run MapleSim. Only available to students currently enrolled at an academic institution.
  • The Möbius Project: Many additions and improvements in Maple 16 support the easy creation and sharing of interactive Math Apps through The Möbius Project.
  • Advanced Code Editor: A completely new code editor provides syntax highlighting, automatic indenting, and more, making code development even easier.
  • Embedded Video: A new video component enables rich Maple documents that include video, and can even trigger actions as the video plays.
  • Performance: Substantial improvements in core algorithms and memory management result in dramatic reductions of computation times.
  • Signal Processing: Maple 16 offers new signal processing tools for analyzing and manipulating data in the frequency and time domains.
  • Group Theory: An extensive new package provides over 150 commands for constructing groups, examining their properties, performing operations, and visualization.
  • Math Apps: More than 45 additional Math Apps engage students through the exploration of math and science concepts using interactive demonstrations.
  • Clickable Math: Smart Popups and Drag-to-Solve
  • Maple 16 builds on the Smart Popups and Drag-to-Solve technology first introduced in Maple 16, offering new operations, visual improvements, and more.
  • One-Step App Creation: The Explore command, which provides a quick and easy way to create interactive applications, has been expanded so that it can be used to create even more apps with just a single command.
  • Ease of Use Enhancements: Maple 16 includes a variety of enhancements to help ensure that new users are immediately productive while experienced users have the tools and flexibility they need to work efficiently.
  • Parallelism: Maple 16 introduces new programming constructs to make it easier to write parallel code, as well as a parallel memory manager that significantly reduces running times.
  • Language and Programming: Updates to the language and programming tools provide increased flexibility for many programming tasks.
  • Advanced Mathematics: Maple 16 offers numerous advancements in a variety of branches of mathematics that push the frontiers of mathematical knowledge and Maple’s capabilities.
  • Statistics: Maple contains a wealth of functionality for doing statistics which have been further expanded in Maple 16.
  • Differential Geometry: Enhanced functionality and improved efficiency supports the investigation of even more problems in differential geometry.
  • Physics: Substantial improvements to the Physics package further enhance Maple’s state-of-the-art environment for algebraic computations in physics.
  • Control Design: Control design tools for the analysis of linear and nonlinear dynamic systems have been enhanced to become even more flexible.
  • Visualization: Plotting improvements in Maple 16 make it even easier to create simple and complex visualizations.
  • Multivariate Calculus for Students: The Student package for teaching and learning multivariate calculus has been expanded to provide flexible tools for exploring problems involving lines and planes.
  • Essay Tools: Maple 16 includes a new package for linguistic analysis and grading of essays, which uses a scoring model that measures dozens of properties.
  • Maple Player: As part of The Möbius Project, the free Maple Player is now more powerful and can be used to work with any interactive Math App and view any Maple document.
  • Customer Wish List: Many improvements in Maple 16 are the direct result of specific requests from customers, including a number of small but important changes that enhance the overall user experience.