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Adobe Authorware 7.0 Non-Profit License with CD, Windows

Adobe Authorware 7.0 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for non-profits!

Non-Profit Price: $529.95


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Delivery of Non-Profit Licenses – The licenses with the installation serial numbers are available online at Adobe’s licensing website – https://licensing.adobe.com. Please click here for information how this program works. Licenses and/or insurance are sent by email. Install Media and manuals are shipped via Ground, NO express shipments.

Protect Yourself! - 2 Year Upgrade Insurance guarantees you will receive automatic upgrades of this product for up to 2 years from purchase of license at no additional cost.

For Non-Profits Only.
Runs on PC Only.

Authorware is the only tool of its kind that empowers non-programmers to visually create interactive, rich media e-learning applications that are accessible and standards-compatible. Authorware 7 enables learning developers and instructional designers to deliver highly effective content that can be deployed online or on fixed media more easily than ever. Use the familiar user interface to import Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and create highly interactive rich content. New LMS Knowledge Objects take the complexity out of connecting to standards-compliant learning management systems. With Authorware 7, you can implement company-wide computer-based training for your sales staff, develop interactive lessons for trainers, or create instructional CDs—and more.

Authorware integrates graphics, sound, animation, text, and video into compelling e-learning experiences. Authorware 7 uses the same intuitive user interface that is featured across the Macromedia MX product line while retaining the product's visual flowline authoring metaphor and drag-and-drop functionality. Authorware 7 now supports the import of DVD video so that this popular video format can be used in Authorware interactive applications.

  • Intuitive flowline interface - Rapidly prototype and develop interactive e-learning applications with a visual authoring interface that provides drag-and-drop icons and an intuitive flowline metaphor. Interactivity is built right into the Authorware icons, so you can easily create engaging interactivity without extensive scripting or programming.
  • Built-in data tracking - Track student results with built-in tracking functions and variables. Authorware is compatible with learning industry specifications such as the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC), Shareable Courseware Object Reference Model (SCORM), and IMS.
  • Instructional templates - Author e-learning applications quickly with powerful templates and wizards for common learning needs, including student logons, course frameworks, questions, quizzes, and more. Create your own reusable models, commands, or Knowledge Objects.
  • Rich media and data integration - Integrate bitmap and vector graphics, audio, animation, text, and video to create rich-media e-learning experiences. Take advantage of support for Macromedia® Flash™ MX, MP3, QuickTime™, AVI, and MPEG file formats. Authorware support for ODBC and XML parsing lets you connect to a wide range of external data sources and build dynamic data-driven applications.
  • Versatile delivery - Author once and deliver consistent, high-quality output for corporate networks, CD/DVD and the web. One-Button Publishing lets you deploy to multiple platforms at once.
  • Authorware application accessibility - Make e-learning applications accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Easily create content that helps satisfy internationally recommended guidelines and legislated requirements for accessible software.
  • LMS standards support - Build reusable, interoperable e-learning content that is compatible with AICC, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), and IMS standards.
  • User-Defined Script Functions and JavaScript Support - Create script functions that can be stored internally or externally and shared with others. These functions, which reduce script size and are easier to maintain, add new power to the Authorware scripting language. Authorware also supports JavaScript as an additional scripting language.
  • Dynamic data-driven applications - Authorware can build dynamic, data-driven applications by importing or exporting web-standard XML files into other applications.
  • Common Macromedia interface - Reduce learning time and speed development with the familiar Macromedia user interface. Dockable panels can be grouped, collapsed, or expanded as needed, providing a smooth, highly configurable workflow.

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