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Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement

Key Benefits for Schools

The Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) is an easy-to-manage, term-based licensing program that gives educational institutions access to new versions of Adobe® Creative Cloud™ desktop applications. This term-based licensing program makes purchasing easier and allows for predictable budgeting under one annual agreement. The Adobe EEA program provides access to new versions of the same industry-leading creative tools used by professionals. Adobe Education Enterpriise Agreement product collections were created to meet the specific needs of educational institutions like yours and include the same applications available with Creative Cloud membership.

Enhance Teaching and Learning.

Provide access to industry-leading creative tools for educators, students, and staff on institutionally owned or leased computers.
Slash Software Costs.

Get the deepest discounts available on Adobe software licenses based on your initial volume purchase. Improve budget planning with a predictable annual licensing cost
Simplify License Management and Compliance

Simplify compliance and version control with access to new software features and technology innovations. Keep your department or institution up to date with new software features and technology innovations.
Supporting Student Success

Adobe EEA offers product collections designed to meet your institution’s needs. Purchasing the leading design and creative collections from Adobe through the EEA licensing program helps institutions ensure everyone has the tools they need for creativity, curriculum development, and career preparation.
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