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Adobe Education Enterprise Agreement Program Summary

The Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) Education Enterprise Agreement (EEA) program is a one- or two-year term-based licensing program that helps primary and secondary schools and higher education institutions minimize the cost and complexity of providing Adobe software to their faculty, staff, and students on institutionally owned or leased computers.

Licenses are available for desktop, network, or web platforms.

Program Features

EEA allows qualified educational institutions to standardize on Adobe products across their organization by offering select products with special pricing and benefits that include:
  • Management, deployment, and purchasing cost reduction
  • Budget planning with predictable pricing
  • Lower administration efforts and compliance costs
  • The ability to stay current with access to the latest software features and capabilities

Example of Pricing

A K12 institution must purchase the equivalent of their FTE (full time equivalent.) This is a formula derived by adding the number of full-time faculty plus part time faculty divided by 3 plus full time staff plus part-time staff divided by 2 to obtain the minimum number of licenses an institution must purchase on a yearly basis (Custodial and cafeteria workers are excluded from this count)

The benefit of this is that the software can be deployed and used by all students and staff on all computers used by the school or school district. This model used to require a minimum FTE of 300. It now requires only a minimum FTE of 20 (even if a district or school only has 10 they must purchase the 20 minimum to qualify.)

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