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Sony Creative SpectraLayers 2

Sony SpectraLayers 2 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students, schools and non-profits!

Educational/NP Price: $199.95


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SpectraLayers Pro 2 is the revolutionary, award-winning software application that stands as the undisputed leader in today's audio spectrum editing movement. Extracting, layering, and processing audio in the spectral realm is now even quicker and easier in SpectraLayers Pro 2, which features a significantly faster processing engine, seamless interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11, and a host of new tools, methodologies, and user interface improvements for even more convenience, creative options, and enhanced workflow. Spectral editing capability is now an expected, essential, and affordable tool for all audio professionals. Take it to the extreme with SpectraLayers Pro 2–available for both Mac and PC.
  • Smart editing tools: SpectraLayers Pro 2 features five tools that are used for identifying, selecting, and extracting audio material in the spectral display. Every tool is unique, intelligent, highly specialized, and user-configurable.
  • Area: Select and extract anything under your cursor. Program this tool to make tiny, sharp-edged selections with pinpoint accuracy, or just use it like an aerosol spray can to execute giant spectral cuts that span octaves.
  • Frequency: Trace, follow, select, and extract continuous frequency bands in the spectrum. Program this tool to reach forward in time and intelligently seek out continuous streams of the target frequency.
  • Harmonics: Train this tool on the fundamental frequency of any pitched sound and watch it automatically select that frequency as well as a user-defined number of its associated higher harmonics.
  • Shape: This new tool focuses on solid spectral shapes located directly under your cursor. Five user-configurable controls set all the thresholds and tolerances you need to make ideal selections in any spectral graph.
  • Noise: This tool delivers noiseprint-based noise reduction that features artistic noiseprints–customized noiseprints containing multiple frequency bands of any width.
  • New! Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding: Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding is a revolutionary, SpectraLayers Pro 2 exclusive feature. Now you can use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a mold or cast for carving an impression of its frequency signature directly into the spectrum of a second layer. The resulting third layer–the impression layer–can then be shaped using any process, or even phase-inverted with the second layer, creating a wide-open space for the first layer to breathe, free from any problematic sonic interference or masking caused by the second layer. The creative possibilities are limitless. Spectral Casting / Spectral Molding can be a far more elegant approach than simple ducking, and the enormous sound design capabilities of this feature are poised to take creative music and sound design to an unprecedented new level.
  • Layer-to-layer copy/paste: Quickly identify and extract target frequency ranges, then use the full menu of SpectraLayers Pro 2 tools and resources for processing new layers in isolation.
  • New! Interoperability with Sound Forge Pro 11: Transfer audio data between SpectraLayers Pro 2 and Sound Forge Pro 11 and experience the thrill of working freely across the world’s premiere waveform and spectral editing applications. Open a large file in Sound Forge Pro 11 and transfer selections of any size to SpectraLayers Pro 2 for fast, precise editing. Then bring the result back to the source file in Sound Forge Pro 11—automatically and with sample-accurate precision. Send multiple files from Sound Forge Pro 11 to SpectraLayers Pro 2 for deep layering, remixing, and sound design work, and then return your finished products back to Sound Forge Pro 11 for further editing and finalization.
  • Bandwidth-limited selections: SpectraLayers Pro 2 displays frequencies on the vertical axis, allowing you to make bandwidth-limited selections for audition and extraction to new layers via copy and paste.
  • SpectraLayers Pro is a world of sound and vision all its own. From scientific analysis and R&D, to purely creative work using frequencies and noise, the configurable View, Modify, and Draw tools are there for you to use on any layer, at any time.
  • 3D displace tool: Explore audio data on a multidimensional spectral display that reveals time and frequency events in astonishing detail.
  • Modify tools: The Amplify, Clone, and Erase tools in SpectraLayers Pro can be used to edit audio on any layer at any time. Access these options at any stage in the editing process to assist with critical repair and restore operations, creative sound design work, and fun experimentation. Tool behaviors can be modified in useful and interesting ways. Use the controls located right above the spectral display to design your own tool tips.
  • Clone tool: Select any point on the spectral graph and build it into a brush for creating copies of any size at any other point. This tool is perfect for interpolating and grafting audio material in both restorative and creative ways.
  • Draw tools: Frequencies and noises can be drawn directly into Spectral Display in SpectraLayers Pro 2.
  • Noise reduction: SpectraLayers Pro invites you to open an audio file, extract the elements you need, and leave the rest behind; it's a new way of thinking about noise reduction! In addition, noiseprint-based noise reduction using artistic noiseprints – a fresh new twist – is also available.
  • Time and Pitch Manipulation: Sound can be freely transposed in SpectraLayers Pro by using the Select, Move, and Scale tools.
  • Frequency range display options: Toggle your view to display audio frequency ranges plotted on your choice of logarithmic scales. Options include the popular mel scale, Bark scale, ERB (Equivalent Rectangular Bandwidth), and MIDI-logarithmic.

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Sony Creative SpectraLayers 2
Educational/NP Price: $199.95

Sony SpectraLayers 2 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students, schools and non-profits!

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