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Systat SigmaPlot 13.0, Windows

SYSTAT SigmaPlot 13 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students, schools and non-profits!

Educational/NP Price: $599.95


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Runs on PC only. Includes SigmaStat.

SigmaPlot graphing software from SYSTAT takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely. With SigmaPlot, you can produce high-quality graphs without spending hours in front of a computer. SigmaPlot offers seamless Microsoft Office integration, so you can easily access data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and present your results in Microsoft PowerPoint® presentationsGraph creation starts with SigmaPlot's award-winning interface. Take advantage of industry-standard menu design, menu toolbars, right mouse button support and graph preferences. Select the graph type you want to create from the Graph Toolbar's easy-to-read icons. The interactive Graph Wizard leads you through every step of graph creation. You get compelling, publication-quality charts and graphs in no time. SigmaPlot offers more options for charting, modeling and graphing your technical data than any other graphics software package.

Compare and contrast trends in your data by creating multiple axes per graph, multiple graphs per page and multiple pages per worksheet. Accurately arrange multiple graphs on a page using built-in templates or your own page layouts with SigmaPlot's WYSIWYG page layout and zoom features.
  • New Curve Fitting Features
  • New Statistics Features
  • New Analysis and Transform Language Features
  • New Graphing Features
  • New Property Browser
  • Graphing Features
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Global Curve Fitting
  • Advisory Statistical Analysis
  • Standard Curves Macro
  • Improved 3D Graph Customization
  • Share Your Data
  • Automatic Updating of Quick Transforms
  • Pre-Formatted Worksheets
  • Publish Your Charts and Graphs Anywhere
  • SigmaPlot´s Notebook Functionality
  • Import/Export Features
  • Automate Routine and Complex Tasks
  • Symbol Types
  • SigmaPlot Report Editor
  • Page Layout and Annotation Options
  • Microsoft Office Style Ribbons
  • User Interface Improvements
  • Improved Graph Page Navigation
  • Worksheet Improvements
  • Report Improvements
  • Application Support Features
  • Macro Support Features

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