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Rosetta Stone Swedish Level 1

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As the leading language-learning software in the world, Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language second nature. Millions of learners in more than 150 countries have already used our software to gain the confidence that comes with truly knowing a new language. We're continually improving our software technology and adding new products to further a simple idea: learning a language should be fun, easy and effective.

Dynamic Immersion® is the cornerstone of the Rosetta Stone method. By eliminating translation and grammar explanations from language learning, Dynamic Immersion activates your own natural language-learning ability. You begin to think in your new language from the very beginning—the same way you learned your first language.

You constantly interact with the software by connecting words with images to confirm their meaning—all through a carefully designed sequence that helps you build grammatically-accurate language structure step by step.
  • Rosetta Stone TOTALe® PRO solution for business takes our award-winning approach to another level.
  • Learners start with core lessons in the Rosetta Course® platform.
  • Rosetta Studio® - Sessions for live conversation sessions facilitated by Coaches who are native speakers
  • Rosetta World® - A community for fun and engaging interactive activities
  • Rosetta Stone Manager™ - A tool to track learner progress
  • Rosetta Stone Mobile Applications - Resources on tablets and smartphones so that learners can enhance their language skills anytime, anywhere
  • Proprietary speech-recognition technology incorporated into lessons and activities to help employees improve their pronunciation
  • Immersion-based methodology that replicates the strengths of a real-world learning environment and activates the brain's natural ability to learn language
  • Carefully sequenced content to introduce new vocabulary and grammar by building upon previous content
  • Immediate feedback on every response to help reinforce key foundational concepts and correct learning

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