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Nemetschek Vectorworks Designer 2014 with Renderworks (1 Year Upgrade License) w/Dongle - Teacher version

Nemetschek Vectorworks Designer 2012 at Academic & Collegiate best prices for schools and students

Educational Price: $174.00

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For Teachers Only.
Please Note: This product requires a dongle. This license will expire after one full calender year.

Vectorworks Designer is the premier software for design professionals in the Architecture, Landscape, and Entertainment industries. Vectorworks Designer provides a competitive edge by offering a large set of design tools–integrating the technology of every Vectorworks product into a single, intuitive interface. Whether you need to draft, model, or present, Vectorworks Designer is the ultimate solution for the professional who needs it all..
  • Performance Improvements in Hidden Line Rendering: Hidden line rendering now uses multi-threading on the Windows operating system to give you faster and more reliable results.
  • 2D/3D Navigation Visualization: For Vectorworks 2013, we've dramatically increased the speed at which you can move around your drawing. No matter what your design discipline is, you'll love this feature. Panning and zooming improvements are applied in 2D and 3D, so you get significantly faster graphic re-draw. Plus, you'll get much quicker OpenGL and 3D wireframe previews while rotating.
  • Surface Array: The surface array object brings tremendous 3D modeling power to your fingertips. With this new command, you can easily duplicate 2D and 3D geometry onto planar or NURBS-based surfaces, giving you the power to easily model curtain walls, complex roof systems, stadium-like structures, or any other array model you can imagine.
  • Auto Hybrid Object: The new Auto Hybrid command provides an easy, yet powerful way to turn arbitrary 3D geometry into a hybrid BIM object with a custom 2D plan appearance. Its controls give you the flexibility to determine specific aspects of the plan appearance to meet the needs of your documentation while maintaining the powerful and intuitive 3D geometry editing capabilities of Vectorworks software.
  • Create Detail Viewport: The new Create Detail Viewport command provides an extremely efficient way to automatically create cropped viewports, allowing for better navigation between detailed views and the model. This improvement gives you detailed views of plans, elevations, and sections with markers that automatically reference and coordinate to your viewports' drawing and sheet numbers.
  • Enhanced Window and Door Capabilities: The door and window objects in Vectorworks 2013 have received a series of significant improvements that deliver greater flexibility in how you create, configure, view, edit, and report doors and windows in your models.
  • New gbXML Export: With direct support for gbXML, you can now easily export required information to communicate with a wide variety of energy modeling and analysis applications.
  • New DWF Import and Export Support: With Vectorworks 2013, you can now import and export the Autodesk DWF file format.
  • New Rhino Import/Export Support: Effortlessly work with Vectorworks and Rhinoceros with the addition of import and export support for Rhinoceros 3DM files.
  • New Arroway Texture Import: We've added one of the highest-quality texture libraries to Renderworks version 2013. Now you have access to a default library of image-based Arroway Textures for wood veneers, concrete, wood flooring, stonework, tiles and other construction materials. An integrated menu item lets you easily import higher-resolution versions of these textures purchased directly from Arroway Textures.
  • Non-blocking Renderworks Rendering: Perhaps one of the most significant time-savers is the addition of non-blocking rendering. Now you are free to continue working in your project while a scene is rendering sheet layer viewports or images from the Render Bitmap tool.
  • Physical Sun and Sky: The physical sun and sky backgrounds provide more natural lighting that automatically responds to a site's location, as well as the date and time of day.
  • Custom Line Types: Dashed lines and custom line types are now resources that can be easily created and shared. The new feature enables you to base line types on Vectorworks objects to create a repeating pattern. Since line types are resources, you can easily edit them, share them, and set teamwork standards.
  • Golden Rectangle: A new rectangle creation constraint lets you easily create rectangles with golden ratio proportions (approximately 1:1.618).
  • Hyperlinks: A great addition to the Vectorworks program is a new hyperlink feature. With Vectorworks 2013, you can create hyperlinks with associated thumbnails or symbols to launch websites containing product manufacturer data, open other Vectorworks documents, open a folder, or display saved views, sheet layers, open file resources such as image files, PDFs, movie files, and more. Plus, hyperlinks are preserved when exporting to PDF.
  • Lighting Device Improvements: The lighting device object has been completely re-engineered to offer you great new capabilities and speed for new reset and regeneration times that are 10 times faster than in the 2012 version. Plus can now fully customize the lighting device parameter display with a new dialog box that allows you to add custom fields and re-order and re-name existing parameters. You can also add unlimited label legend labels to lighting devices.
  • New Speaker Objects: New speaker and speaker array objects, originally from Landru Design, let you effortlessly create speaker system layout drawings and perform basic audio coverage analyses.
  • Lighting Device Colors: You can now automatically assign colors to your lighting devices though preferences or by class. You can also assign parts of the lighting device to different classes, giving you complete control over the look of your light plot.
  • Improved Plant Object: Individual plants within plant groups can be randomly scaled and rotated for a more realistic look. Plants in curved rows can now be positioned tangentially, which is particularly effective for hedges. 2D plant shadows can be optionally varied depending on the plant height. Additionally, variations of plant settings can exist for the same definition, reducing extra work.
  • Site Model Improvements: A series of beneficial, enhancements have been made to improve the functionality of site models. 3D locus objects can now be created from an imported survey file, resulting in nimble files without stake object data for situations where the data is not needed. A new Create Pad from Grade Limits command automatically creates a balanced pad modifier from selected grade limits, so the amount of cut is equal to the amount of fill.

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