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MAGIX Samplitude 11, Windows

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Runs on PC only.

Samplitude is one of the most successful solutions for audio and MIDI recording, editing and mastering for PC. The new version offers you many innovations based on the Hybrid Audio Engine, and changes have been made consistently to the internal audio effects section. The improved track, object and master automation provides you with different automation modes as well as an automation controller in the track editor. Now you have the possibility to use sidechaining for calculating internal control signals in advanced dynamics, too.

In contrast to other digital audio workstations, Samplitude 11 enables a complete in-the-box workflow, whereby all steps, from composition recording and sound creation using VST instruments to editing, mixing, and mastering the finished CD, take place within a single program. Daily workflows are optimized via extensive application options. Outstanding characteristics, like 100% sound neutrality, the Hybrid Audio Engine, and the option to work based on objects has been refined and expanded with top features like the new 6-band equalizer "EQ116“, the guitar and bass amplifier „Vandal“ and many more.

Lab Packs include dongles.
  • Highly developed digital algorithms, absolute phase stability, and continuous application of floating point calculations ensure that the sound maintains its special nuances during even the most intense digital processing. This results in transparency, neutrality, maintenance of transients, and space. Different audio formats from 16-bit to 32-bit floating point and sample rates up to 384 kHz are possible in the same arrangement.
  • Up to 128 tracks (Samplitude) are possible in a single project. The maximum number of physical in and outputs is 256. This makes even the biggest and most demanding projects a snap to manage.
  • Objects may be moved, cut, or otherwise adjusted.
  • Work area presets ensure clear arrangement of functions on the screen, e.g. for recording or CD mastering.
  • The project-related manager set for managing files objects, tracks, areas, markers, takes, VST instruments, and routing enables efficient management and archiving, plus management of all other project contents and data directly from a single workspace.
  • Non-destructive (virtual) editing
  • In the take composer, all of the takes recorded for a passage are displayed in descending order so that they may conveniently compared in the complete arrangement.
  • MIDI data may be imported, edited with internal editors, and played back.
  • The drum editor enables efficient and clearly laid-out processing of percussion instruments. The drum editor may be operated in two different view modes.
  • Matrix mode: Conventional note display with exact indication of note start, note length, and pitch (piano roll)
  • Cell mode: Special display with adjustable note width (pencil width) and definable view quantization grid per instrument

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