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HMLT Earobics Clinic (Step 2), 12 users

HMLT Earobics Clinic (Step 2) at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students and schools!

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Teaches phonological awareness and phonological processing skills, auditory processing skills and introductory phonics skills (sound-symbol correspondence). Earobics Step 2 teaches a full range of phonological awareness, auditory processing, phonics, and language comprehension skills, which allow older children to become better readers, listeners, and spellers. Adaptive training and automatic performance tracking are features of both the Specialist/Clinician and Home Versions. Unique features of the Specialist/Clinician version include customization for each child, reporting, and goal writing for 12 students.

Earobics features sophisticated adaptive technology, which automatically adjusts instruction to your child's skill level and progress. The Home version of the software also includes Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced starting levels for each game and a Progress Chart for tracking skill improvements. While progress varies, most show significant skill improvement from using Earobics 15-20 minutes per day, three times a week.

For up to 12 users.
  • Follow increasingly complex directions with and without background noise.
  • Remember sounds and words in sequential order.
  • Sound out individual sounds in a word.
  • Blend sounds into syllables and syllables into words.
  • Identify the position of a target sound in a word.
  • Add, delete, substitute and rearrange sounds to create new words.
  • Recognize a word when a syllable or sound has been omitted. \
  • Associate a sound with a letter or group of letters.
  • Understand the meaning of words.
  • Recognize printed syllables and words.
  • Calling All Engines - Children help Firefighter Fly put out fires by recalling and sequencing sounds and by following verbal directions.
  • Paint by Penguin - Children paint with Monsieur Pierre Penguin by counting, sequencing and manipulating sounds.
  • Pesky Parrots - Children help Pirate Patch get back his stolen treasures from those Pesky Parrots by blending sounds into words.
  • Hippo Hoops - Children shoot hoops and score points with Hakeem Hippo by discriminating between different sounds in words and identifying the positions of sounds in words.
  • Duck Luck - Children visit Lyle Kyle Crocodile at the Duck Luck Arcade to build rhyming skills, learn common sound and spelling patterns, and practice blending and segmenting common word beginnings and endings.

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