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HMLT Earobics Clinic (Step 1), 12 users

HMLT Earobics Clinic (Step 1) at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students and schools!

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Teaches phonological awareness and phonological processing skills, auditory processing skills and introductory phonics skills (sound-symbol correspondence). Younger children become better readers, listeners, and learners by using Earobics Step 1 to develop a full range of phonological awareness, auditory processing, and phonics skills. Included features are adaptive training and automatic performance tracking for 12 students. Additional features of the Specialist/Clinician Version include customization for each child, reporting, and goal writing.

Earobics features sophisticated adaptive technology, which automatically adjusts instruction to your child's skill level and progress. The Home version of the software also includes Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced starting levels for each game and a Progress Chart for tracking skill improvements. While progress varies, most show significant skill improvement from using Earobics 15-20 minutes per day, three times a week.

For up to 12 users.
  • Focus on spoken sounds over extended periods of time and with background noise.
  • Determine whether two or more sounds are the same or different.
  • Remember sounds and words in sequential order.
  • Detect the silent intervals between sounds.
  • Recognize rhyming sound patterns in words.
  • Identify the position of a target sound in a word.
  • Associate a sound with a letter or group of letters
  • Understand the meanings of Word.
  • Follow spoken directions.

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