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FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced + FileMaker Training Series DVD

FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced + FileMaker Training Series DVD at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for students, schools and non-profits!

Educational/NP Price: $299.00


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FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced includes all the features of FileMaker Pro 12 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools. If you design databases for yourself or your team and want to build more powerful and more flexible database applications, then FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced is for you.

Now includes FileMaker Training Series DVD
  • NEW! Turn off Script Triggers when debugging to fine tune the troubleshooting process.
  • NEW! Specify certain custom menus to display when using an iOS device.
  • Custom Menus: Create, change, or delete specific menu items or entire menu sets.
  • Custom Functions: Build your own functions and copy, paste, and import them into any FileMaker Pro database.
  • Multiple Table Import: Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once.
  • Kiosk Maker: Build applications where all menus are hidden.
  • Database Design Report: Run comprehensive reports on all elements of the database schema.
  • Script Debugger: Pinpoint problem areas in scripts and Script Triggers.
  • Data Viewer: Monitor fields, variables and calculations while troubleshooting.
  • Runtime Maker: Create standalone runtime solutions that don't require FileMaker Pro.
  • External Function Plug-in API: Build more robust calculations and extend database capabilities.
  • Field & Table Replication: Copy field definitions into different tables or copy table definitions into other files for faster solution development.
  • Eye-catching layout themes: Apply one of 40 stunning new themes to instantly change the look of your database.
  • More design layout tools: Use new gradients, image slicing, and alignment guides to get the design precision you need.
  • Re-designed Starter Solutions: Manage projects, content, resources, estimates and much more with all-new, professionally designed solutions.
  • Enhanced container fields: Drag and drop files into your database, render images faster, and securely store and manage data externally.
  • Quick Charts: Create and modify charts in a snap with the new integrated set-up window.
  • iOS design and development tools: Get design tools, themes, scripts and calculation functions to specifically help you quickly build apps for iPad and iPhone.
  • Window styles: Format a window as a modal dialog or floating "palette-type" window.
  • Insert from URL: Download content from a URL via scripting.
  • Execute SQL calculation function: Perform SQL queries against your FileMaker solution.
  • ESS relinking: Repoint your ESS connection to a different SQL database for development and testing needs.

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