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Adobe LeanPrint Enterprise Non-Profit License with DVD

Adobe LeanPrint Non-Profit License at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for non-profit organizations

Non-Profit Price: $79.95


Description System Requirements Who is Eligible to Buy?

Delivery of Non-Profit Licenses – The licenses with the installation serial numbers are available online at Adobe’s licensing website – https://licensing.adobe.com. Please click here for information how this program works. Licenses and/or insurance are sent by email. Install Media and manuals are shipped via Ground, NO express shipments.

Protect Yourself! - 2 Year Upgrade Insurance guarantees you will receive automatic upgrades of this product for up to 2 years from purchase of license at no additional cost.

For Non-Profits Only.
Runs on PC only

Adobe® LeanPrint is an enterprise-class, software-only printing solution that dramatically reduces print costs by using an innovative method to redo the layout of documents when printing from popular applications and browsers. Track all print jobs and costs and analyze paper and toner savings arising from LeanPrint use at the document, user, and organization level. Work better with print-optimized documents that are easy to read, distribute, and archive.

You can access Adobe LeanPrint from many popular applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Adobe Reader®, Adobe Acrobat®, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Support for Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, and Chrome are planned

  • Save substantially: Save money, time, and the planet. Reduce the consumption of paper and toner by an average of around 40%* when printing typical office documents, thanks to patent-pending technologies from Adobe that automatically fine-tune formatting, colors, and layout at print time.
  • * as per Adobe lab tests
  • Save with existing printers: Save on your print jobs regardless of the printer used. Adobe LeanPrint is a software-only solution that provides plug-ins to common desktop applications. Just install it and start saving, without purchasing any additional hardware.
  • Save with all kinds of printing devices: Save regardless of the kind of printing device in use—inkjet or laser, personal or networked.
  • Measure savings instantly: Get a clear picture of the dollar savings for each job within the print preview, and instantly quantify savings in consumption of paper and toner. Motivate users with tangible evidence that they are, in fact, printing more responsibly.
  • Monitor personal savings with My Savings: Track and aggregate personal savings achieved over days, months, and years from within Adobe LeanPrint. Individual users can conveniently monitor their own statistics, providing an incentive to save.
  • Track organization-wide usage and savings: Track and control your printing from a single control center. Monitor all print jobs and costs as well as the savings from Adobe LeanPrint usage for individual users and groups. Get insights into printing trends to select and implement responsible print practices across your organization.
  • Block conventional printing: Maximize organizational savings on printing costs by preventing all or specific users from printing the conventional, wasteful way when printing from Microsoft Word and Excel, and Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

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