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Adobe Freehand 11 Non-Profit License with DVD

Adobe Freehand 11 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for non-profit organizations

Non-Profit Price: $129.95


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Delivery of Non-Profit Licenses – The licenses with the installation serial numbers are available online at Adobe’s licensing website – https://licensing.adobe.com. Please click here for information how this program works. Licenses and/or insurance are sent by email. Install Media and manuals are shipped via Ground, NO express shipments.

Protect Yourself! - 2 Year Upgrade Insurance guarantees you will receive automatic upgrades of this product for up to 2 years from purchase of license at no additional cost.

For Non-Profits Only.
Quickly conceptualize, design, and publish print, Internet, and Macromedia Flash MX projects. Freehand 11 provides a streamlined, easy-to-learn graphics environment for designing illustrations, organizing information, laying out storyboards, and developing click-through presentations.

Enhance productivity with the highly customizable Macromedia MX workspace. The new Object panel eliminates the need to move between multiple panels to inspect and change object, text, and style properties. New Tools panel organization and streamlined workflow make Freehand 11 easy to learn and use.

Quickly organize and map navigation, content, components, and data flows. Drag and drop to build persistent relationships between objects—while providing complete editability of stroke styles—with the Connector Lines tool. Achieve maximum editability and reduce production and revision times using master pages and backgrounds, Symbol libraries of data types and navigation components, and the graphics-based Find & Replace panel.

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