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Adobe ColdFusion Standard 10 Non-Profit License with DVD

Adobe ColdFusion Standard 10 at Academic & Collegiate Software best prices for non-profits!

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Delivery of Non-Profit Licenses – The licenses with the installation serial numbers are available online at Adobe’s licensing website – https://licensing.adobe.com. Please click here for information how this program works. Licenses and/or insurance are sent by email. Install Media and manuals are shipped via Ground, NO express shipments.

Protect Yourself! - 2 Year Upgrade Insurance guarantees you will receive automatic upgrades of this product for up to 2 years from purchase of license at no additional cost.

For Non-Profits Only.
Runs on PC, Linux and Mac.

Adobe® ColdFusion® 10 Standard Edition application server helps you rapidly build web applications for moderate traffic on a single server. Easily create rich HTML5 applications without prior knowledge of HTML5. Condense complex logic into less code with smart built-in solutions.

  • Enhanced Java™ integration: Leverage the bidirectional integration between Java and ColdFusion to dynamically load Java libraries from custom paths without a server restart. Invoke ColdFusion components (CFCs) from Java to access productivity-enhancing functionality, and create dynamic proxies for CFCs to be treated as Java objects.
  • Working with PDF documents: Work efficiently with PDF files and reduce the required code by directly adding images, watermarks, headers, and footers to your documents. Populate and extract data from PDF forms to collect data from application users and share information in a more secure environment.
  • Object relational mapping enhancements: Build and manage database-independent applications using object relational mapping without writing any SQL. Use enhancements, such as stored procedure support and named SQL query, to achieve greater flexibility. Obtain enhanced debug information through SQL logging.
  • ColdFusion as a service: Leverage the power of enterprise services, such as creating charts and PDF documents, manipulating images, and generating and sending email from Flex® applications or Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), without writing a single line of CFML.
  • Tight integration with Adobe® ColdFusion® Builder™: Enhance your development experience with integrated server management and expanded functionality through CMFL extensions using ColdFusion Builder, an Eclipse™ based IDE. Accelerate development using color coding, code formatting, code assist, quick fix, code insight, and code snippets.
  • Virtual file system enhancements: Use the improved virtual file system to build applications with fewer I/O calls. Generate ColdFusion files dynamically, and execute them directly from memory, FTP, secure FTP, and ZIP or JAR files.
  • Enhanced CFSCRIPT support: Use tag-based CFML to rapidly build full-fledged applications with the enhanced scripting support for CFSCRIPT.
  • Language enhancements: Improve your code quality and readability with language enhancements, along with better control and flexibility using closures. Initialize CFC properties using auto-constructor, increase coding efficiency with CFC method chaining, and ensure effective query management using for-in support.
  • XPath integration: Easily and quickly navigate XML documents using XPath integration. Leverage this built-in functionality to transform XML documents into XHTML, including XForms using XSLT integration.
  • Rich Ajax UI controls: Build more compelling and intuitive applications with a broad set of Ajax controls via CFML tags and attributes. Easily bind client-side Ajax applications to ColdFusion components on the server.
  • Flex® and Adobe® AIR® lazy loading: Fetch relevant ORM entities from the server only when they are accessed by your Flex or AIR application. Make your applications run faster by reducing data transfer between Flex and AIR applications and the ColdFusion server.
  • Support for HTML5 web sockets: Publish data to a maximum of five clients or execute a point-to-point data push with real-time server response. Leverage the support provided by the built-in functionality to instantly access HTML5 web sockets without prior knowledge of HTML5.
  • Support for RESTful web services: Easily publish your ColdFusion component as a Representational State Transfer (REST) web service with built-in support for all HTTP methods, along with JSON and XML serialization and de-serialization.
  • Improved web services support: Publish and access web services with less code using the revamped engine that supports the WSDL 2.0 specification, SOAP 1.2, and document literal wrapped style.
  • HTML5 video player and Adobe Flash® Player: Leverage the rich experience provided by the built-in HTML5 video player, and benefit from interoperability with non-HTML5 browsers using the fallback to Adobe Flash Player. The revamped Flash Player with well-defined APIs helps ensure a consistent user experience across browsers.
  • HTML5 enhancements: Leverage the geo-location capability of the map functionality in ColdFusion to display user location. Benefit from support for various HTML5 input types with the CFINPUT tag.
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  • Deploy with ease
  • Security enhancements: Make your server more secure against cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery using functions to sanitize user input. Strengthen the authentication of applications using the enhanced login mechanism. Choose the new secure profile to enable default secure settings across the server.
  • Strong encryption libraries: Use FIPS 140–certified strong encryption provided by the RSA BSAFE Crypto-J libraries in ColdFusion to make your applications more secure.
  • Enhanced caching: Boost performance by caching portions of pages with infrequently updated data, and improve custom handling of region-specific data by creating multiple cache regions on the fly. Improve server performance by sparing server resources through a parallel caching process.
  • Performance enhancements: Create robust web applications with the array of performance enhancements in ColdFusion server. Make your existing web applications run faster by leveraging the performance improvements in ColdFusion components (CFCs), structs, and more.
  • Database enhancements: Optimize database interaction through better client connection management. Extend the functionality with the support of additional data types. Handle database errors more efficiently through improved exception handling.
  • Improved scheduler: Achieve better scheduled task management using the new scheduler engine. Program tasks to run periodically at predetermined times using new, built-in cron syntax. Perform multiple tasks easily through grouping and prioritizing.
  • Hotfix installer and notification: Get instant notifications of updates to ColdFusion in your ColdFusion Administrator, and save time on installing updates using the one-click Hotfix installer.
  • Email management: Effectively manage email without writing much code. Easily send email using an SMTP server with the CFMAIL tag, manage email by connecting to an IMAP server with the CFIMAP tag, and retrieve mail from a POP mail server with the CFPOP tag.
  • Multi-threading: Improve application performance with multi-threading to easily manage and control individual thread behavior. Use the CFTHREAD tag to create, end, join together, or suspend the processing of specific threads.
  • Tomcat integration: Experience enhanced performance from the built-in Tomcat application server that replaces Adobe® JRun™. With active and vast support from the developer community, Tomcat implements the latest web standards.
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server integration: Use the improved Microsoft® Exchange Web Services (EWS) to connect to Exchange Server 2010, and access server functionality with easy-to-use tags, such as folder operations, user availability, and conversation operations.
  • Microsoft® Office file interoperability: Read, create, and update spreadsheets using the CFSPREADSHEET tag. Generate PDF files from PowerPoint and Word files. Produce HTML or SWF files from PowerPoint presentations. Leverage enhanced support to work with Microsoft Office 2010 files.
  • Search integration with Apache Solr: Offer users a more robust search capability. Use the CFCOLLECTION and CFSEARCH tags to index and search an unlimited number of documents quickly and conveniently.
  • Server monitor enhancements: Troubleshoot applications and fine-tune performance with better access to server performance statistics like page execution and query processing time. Now also monitor caching and REST web service requests.
  • Enhanced Adobe® Flash® Platform integration: Boost your Flex® and Adobe AIR® application performance with faster Flash Remoting. Embedded BlazeDS tool helps you manage back-end distributed data and enables real-time data push to Flex and AIR applications.

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